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      JingChang is located in beautiful hangzhou bay and have the vitality of the Shanghai jinshan, apart from the hangzhou bay sea-crossing bridge project is only 30 kilometers, the transportation is convenient, the geographical advantages, the company was established in 1992 in wenzhou, and in 2008 moved to Shanghai jinshan, in line with "the good faith for this, the customer is supreme" the objective specialized is engaged in the packaging and printing. Company production products for high performance concrete, plastic film, easy in medicine packing aluminum foil, drug packaging bags, food packaging film, beverage sealing membrane and so on a series of packaging products. Through the ISO9001 international quality system authentication and HACCP system authentication, the annual production capacity of 4500 tons, the products are widely used in food, medicine, dairy products, cosmetic and industry bag to turn.
JingChang after years of operation on the market for they won the good reputation and the numerous partners, such as Inner Mongolia mengniu milk, Inner Mongolia Erie group, zhejiang LiZiYuan, bright group and a number of large enterprises.
Company development in the past two years is good, the recent introduction article 2 international advanced production equipment, Japan imported ten color automatic high-speed gravure printing, bag making machine and fully automatic dry/without solvent compound machine and etc, and adopt international advanced production technology, guarantee the quality at the same time in strict accordance with the GMP purification level of 100000 grade clean workshop, constant temperature, humidity, and dust removal sterilization, ventilated take a breath, logistics flow separation, plus standard, strict management, all security the packing material of high quality.

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